Friday, 5 January 2018

Makeup Products I Hit Pan on in 2017

I am looking forward to discovering some new makeup in 2018 but also to using up lots of the lovely products I already own. I no longer feel the need to try out every newly-launched beauty item, as I have found some great makeup formulas, shades and textures over the last 12 months. In this post I am sharing some makeup I used a lot in 2017 and reached the bottom of the packaging, or "hit pan" on.

L'Oréal Paris Matte Single Eyeshadow in 107 Macaron Vanille
During the Spring and Summer of 2017 I wore this shadow every day. It is matte and a very natural colour on my skin tone, so I can apply it without too much precision all over my eye. 
On its own this looks brightening, and it also works well as a base for other eye colours. It blends easily, lasts well on my eyes and I like the gold packaging, too. 

Bourjois Eyebrow Palette in Brunette
I tend to use up eyebrow products quickly as it is rare for me to leave my brows completely bare. The brown powder in this Bourjois kit is one of my favourites to give my eyebrows definition.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer Kit
I have certainly had my money's worth out of this useful little kit. The powder in it was a very finely-milled, brightening powder which looked like this when it was new...
...and I have completely used it up.
The kit also contains two concealer shades. I have used a good amount of the peachy shade as you can see below. I like to apply this with my fingers to my under eye area to colour correct any darkness there.
I think this kit is great value for £10, with high-quality products, neat packaging and a mirror too.

Kat Von D Lock-It Powder
This is a small sample of Kat Von D's Lock-It Powder. I love the soft texture of this which feels luxurious on my face.
I don't have much of this lovely powder left as you can see. It works an absolute treat at setting any cream products and adding a silky smoothness to the skin. I also love the detail of Kat Von D's lettering around the sides of the pot and the embossed lid, even on a sample-sized product. A great-quality item all round. 

Soap & Glory D-I-Y Brow Bar
The final makeup product I hit pan in on in 2017 is another Soap & Glory item and another brow favourite: the Archery D-I-Y Brow Bar. 
This also contains a mirror, so I would choose this over the Bourjois brow kit to carry around with me or take on holiday. I like the fact that there are two powder shades in here, so you can mix and match them to get a very precise shade.

It has been interesting to look back and see which items have received a lot of daily use in my makeup routine over the past year. I am aiming to use up some more makeup in 2018 rather than just keeping it stored away looking pretty!

Thanks for reading, I will be back next week reviewing some metallic silver Essence makeup,
Coming up next Friday...


  1. I find this so rewarding . I've just started to use the Bourjois eyebrow palette. I'm not really sure if I'm doing it right though but I love it. Im trying so hard to finish products too as Ive so much makeup. Im definetly nit buying as much as I did but I must start collecting my empties. Great post x x x

    1. I am not buying much either. It's great to use some things up x

  2. I love a bit of pan action and you've done so well with these. I love that single shadow - its always good to find that one shade you can rely on every single day to just do it all for you xxx

    1. Thanks Sal. Yes, products like that are magic! xxx

  3. There is something so satisfying about hitting pan on something isnt there. I must try the soap and glory kit as I know you have been a huge fan of it. Great to see what you used up xx

  4. Hitting pan is definitely one of my favourite things is that sad? That concealer kit you've done incredible on. That L'Oreal shadow is pretty too
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  5. Oooh there's no greater feeling than hitting pan;-)I can never be without my Kick Ass thanks to you xxxx