Friday, 12 January 2018

Essence Silver Eye Makeup

I was lucky enough to be sent some silver metallic-effect eye makeup by Essence recently. You can buy Essence products at Wilko here in the UK with most items priced at under £4. The brand "says no to animal testing" and you can read about their cruelty-free policy in detail here.

Essence Metal Art Lip & Eye Liner
The tip of this liner is a very thin brush, similar to L'Oréal's more pricey Superliner which I have tried before. The good thing about these tiny brushes is the precision you can achieve. You can create a super-thin and elegant line with them and also a pretty eye flick just by gliding the brush along.
On the downside, the long brush is very flexible so I found when lining my eyes that the metallic product caught onto my lashes and could become a bit messy.
Overall, for £3, I would recommend this and have worn it several times as eyeliner. Once dry it lasts very well without smudging at all. The colour dries to a subtle grey which looks softer than a black eyeliner yet still gives definition. I'm not sure about using it as a lip liner as the formula is quite wet to begin with, but if you are ever in need of a silver lip liner this would be the one to try! Essence Metal Art Lip & Eye Liner is also available in metallic blue and pink shades which look really fun and pretty too. 

Essence Vibrant Shock Lash & Brow Gel Mascara
This lash and brow gel costs £2.80 and is available in four other metallic shades. This is the most subtle of the products I have tested here: in other words, it doesn't do much!
It gives the effect of sparse glitter once applied and I have tried mascara top coats from other brands which perform much better. In the brows, it gives a stronger, silver effect but sadly is difficult to remove without spreading sticky glitter particles all over your face. It might be something to keep in the Halloween makeup section, but I wouldn't use it otherwise. 

Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow
And finally, a cream metallic eyeshadow in the shade Moon Dust.
I expected this to have a roller-ball inside, but as you can see it has a little sponge applicator which is easy and precise to use.
The eyeshadow is smooth and pigmented, giving a really effective metallic colour. This product costs £3.50 and is available in a range of lovely shades including gold and bright pink. It lasts well on my eyes and I think it is a great-value option for a glitzy makeup look, giving better impact than cream shadows from other brands I have tried.
It is unusual to see this kind of metallic product as part of the the cheaper drugstore ranges, and I think they are really good fun. You could use them for full-on silver sparkly Hollywood glam eyes, to create details on a more muted look, and also of course keep them at hand for those fancy dress, Halloween or dressing-up-as-Frozen-characters moments that we all need to be prepared for!
My favourite product here is the cream eyeshadow which has a great formula and applies and removes easily. You can even swipe it through your lashes to give a glitter top-coat effect which works better than the actual lash gel. 

Thanks for reading, I will be back next week reviewing some Boots Essentials Cucumber skincare,
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  1. I just received some of these today and I'm so excited to try them out. Its a shame the liner didn't impress you but I totally get that. The eyeshadow is probably the one I would enjoy the most too. xxx


  2. The eyeshadow looks so glam and lovely on you. I searched the brown shade recently and thought it would be great for summer but wasn't sure of the quality but I'm intrigued now xxxx